Home sweet home, in Iceland

This is a couple of very very quick snaps of our new house. Our being Aníka and myself. For people of a postal inclination, you can reach us at....

Langamýri 57
210 Garđabćr

As you can see, I've even managed to work out how to use icelandic letters on my english keyboard. Anika picked this house out while I was still in australia, and it sure as hell saved me a monster headache. I've had enough fun getting the phone hooked up, DSL hooked up, and a mobile phone when I can't read fine print. Our home phone number will be +354 517 4137 (It's getting hooked up this week.)

So yeah, the house! It's gorgeous. Really really big, lush dark wood floors, a big kitchen, (even if it has a quirky range hood that gets in the way) and lots of storage space. It's not exactly centrally located, but it's not your average cheap shit rental either, someone obviously enjoyed this place before us. I'll be getting a car anyway, and the Reykjavik urban area isn't exactly all that large either. I mean, we're on the way out of town, and it's still only a 10 min drive, TOPS to the middle of downtown, with a park.

More later!

Big empty, south facing, patio and garden facing lounge room

Dining area

Other end of loungroom, edge of kitchen


A dedicated laundry room

My room

My room

Front door and out the back